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  1. I’m not worhty to be in the same forum. ROTFL

  2. Fantomzeit – Dunkelheit oder Leere im frühen Mittelalter? » Wallace Thornhill: Exploring the Electric Universe als DVD-Set sagte hierzu am 22. März 2011 um 16:27: […] DVD-Set eingestellt von ao  Diesen Artikel drucken Der Vortrag von Wallace Thornhill “Exploring the Electric Universe” vom …

  3. Hello Derek,Thanks for your visit here. Haha… I know the picture is funny but this is my face when I get annoyed by my friends or fellow bloggers like this.Exactly, there’s nothing wrong in promoting our blog on social networks at all but once or twice not a hundred times.

  4. Totally OTAnyone using the Blackberry Torch 9800? Need to replace my 6 year old basic model that looks like it was dropped from 35,000 feet but still working.Not sure if I like the edge around the keypad and wondering how durable it is.Thx.

  5. Badtux.It’s not only the insurance companies, it’s the compliance of the Congress.Look at the credit card legislation, who benefits?Surely it’s a creation of the credit card consortiums and America swallows it as democracy in action.It’s corporate America in action and all the major candidates are whores or pimps for special interests.Included is the religeous right as a special interest group.//If the money is there as you contend then it’s being spent prodigeously by Brother Bush.God bless him.//The sad truth of America is that it’s easier to buy a Congressman than it is to buy affordable health insurance.jim

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