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Esquí y Snowboard

raquetas de nieve
dia blanco en sierra nevada
 semana blanca sierra nevada






Prepárate para la nueva temporada con nosotros. Te llvamos a tu estación de esquí. Pide información a


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  4. Right on, Stephen. While Ebert may be a beloved film critic and may also be on his own jury with the experience of disability, he doesn’t get the issue or the values of disability rights. He has a long record of not getting it. And anyone who thinks opposition to assisted suicide has to be on religious grounds needs to understand that for many disabled folks, opposition to assisted suicide is rational self-interest and nothing to do anyone’s gods.

  5. The fact that US Attorney for NJ, Fishman was the choice of Senators Menendez and Lautenburg scares me. Fishman can recuse himself if he wishes, but not his staff. In fact, extra people should be aiding the FBI in this fiasco. We are talking REAL money here! Makes all the hard work Christie and Booker are doing in Newark pale by comparison.

  6. Bien dit Jean-Charles quand ça devient génant ,les partisans de l’euro disent :-le bilan de la BCE c’est pas grave il peut monter autant qu’on veut ,quand on a dépassé les bornes il n’y a plus de limite-parlons des USA ,ils ne nous demandent rien mais ça détourne l’attention-et toi maintenant :parlons d’autre chose l’euro c’est ça

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